Central Indy Aquatics provides educational programs for children and adults in the Indianapolis, IN, area. To learn more, contact us at (317) 672-4613.

Marine Conservation

Marine Conservation Education Indianapolis

At Central Indy Aquatics we believe in educating others on the importance of marine conservation. Coral, in all its unique forms and colors, is extremely important to sea life conservation. We pride ourselves on maintaining expert knowledge and support for coral reef education.

Explore Our Coral

Interactive Programs

Our free educational programs were created to spread awareness of marine environmentalism to the next generation. All groups are welcome including school field trips, home school groups, and special needs groups. Each group has access to our large aquatic interactive area and also receives a personalized tour from one of our staff experts.

Our programs include fun-filled, educational experiences:

Shark tank Indianapolis Indiana

Shark tank

Seahorse aquarium Indianapolis Indiana

Seahorse aquarium

Fish touch tank IN

Touch tank with starfish, horseshoe crabs, and more

Clown fish and anemone Indiana

Dedicated clown fish and anemone area

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Enjoy an educational experience, learning all about marine life conservation at Central Indy Aquatics. For more information about our educational programs, visit our store or contact us at (317) 672-4613.