Central Indy Aquatics is happy to serve Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding areas. Since 2016, we’ve been sharing our passion for marine life conservation. Contact us at (317) 672-4613 to learn more.

Helping Marine Conservation

Marine Conservation Experts Indianapolis

Our story begins with a deep concern for marine conservation and sea life environmentalism. Our number one goal is to spread awareness of preserving sea life, specifically the planet’s coral reefs.

Coral is very important to marine conservation. They protect coastlines, provide habitats for many marine organisms, and have many other benefits. We grow much of our coral on-site, through the method of coral fragging. We are proud to be the largest coral dealer in the state of Indiana.

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Interactive Educational Programs

Our free educational programs strive to reach the next generation by offering a fun-filled experience for all children. Programs include a personalized tour from one of our staff experts along with:

Saltwater touch tank Indianapolis

Saltwater touch tank

Seahorse aquarium Indianapolis Indiana

Seahorse aquarium

Shark tank Indianapolis

Shark tank

Educational fish area Indianapolis

Touch tank with starfish, horseshoe crabs, and more

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We are proud of our respect and care for marine life here at Central Indy Aquatics. Find out more by visiting or contacting us at (317) 672-4613.